Spanish Programs & Prices


We offer private or small group spanish classes (maximum 5 students per group). Our spanish language classes are designed to develop linguistic competence at every level from beginning to advanced, integrating spanish language instruction with conversation and appreciation of the Mexican cultural context. We offer interesting, relevant and innovative classes; give professional guidance and share our understanding of Mexican culture. All of our teachers are native Mexican spanish speakers, specially-trained as second language teachers; they are also fluent in English, necessary sometimes to explain specific concepts or problematic structures.

Special Programs


Our special programs are designed for professionals who use Spanish as part of their work. We offer these programs for the following professions:

  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Lawyers
  • Businessmen /women
  • Health care Providers

The programs are designed for professionals who need to use Spanish as a communication tool in their work and, because of their clientele, will benefit from a better understanding of Mexican and Latin American culture. Our specially trained instructors teach vocabulary, conversation skills and the cultural aspects related to different work fields. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of language usage.

All the special programs include contact with Mexican professionals in these fields and visits to different work places, institutions and care providers. Please let us know if you are interested in - longer term - volunteer options.

 program features:

  • Private classes for individual attention
  • 15 hours per week, flexible hours
  • Native Spanish-speaking instructors
  • Variety in instructional methods
  • Specialized information and unique materials

The cost for the courses - including all materials - is US$ 320.00 per week.


Regular (15 hrs./week)

Intensive (20 hrs./week)

Super intensive (30 hrs./week)

Individual/Customized Instruction 

Group/ hour


US$ 140 / week

US$ 185 / week

US$ 275 / week


US$ 10.00


US$ 215 / week

US$ 280 / week

US$ 410 / week

US$ 15.00 / hr.

All students pay a US$ 55.00 registration fee once per lifetime.

To register, please fill out our Online Registration Form. We will email you to let you know we have received your request for registration and will send you a placement test and details on how to send a deposit. We will confirm your place once we have received your deposit. We require a US$ 140.00 deposit, US$ 55.00 of which is for the registration fee and the remainder will be deducted from your total fees. Europeans can make the deposit in Euros and US-Americans in US$, if they prefer. Please contact us for the banking information.

To take advantage of the discounted fees, the classes must be continous and the amount must be paid in  full.